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Our clan goal is to HAVE FUN be the best of the best. Take out rival clans with intimidating lethal force, we are a friendly and laid back Military-Based Clan. We don't force upon you a strict set of amour. All we ask from you, is basic Military-Based Clan requirements, such as Spartan Colors and Emblem. We are very understanding, however, we DO NOT tolerate attacks or threats from other clans. We also DO NOT tolerate Traitors, and such Traitors shall be dealt with accordingly. We are not a clan to be messed around with as said famous by the Ex Co-Founder - Ghost Reaper "There is a reason why we are forgotten don't be one of those reasons". We never lost a war, nor plan to, we fight till the last man standing has no blood or breath left. We are Relentless, Fearless, Powerful. We shall stop at nothing to proclaim our victory within the battlefield.

FS Malevolent
FS First King
Company leader of Í̱ro̱es télos
Co Founder of FS

FS Erebus
Second King of FS
Company leader of Ares Dread
Co Founder of FS

FS Tucker
EU leader
Company leader of Pólemos san pnév̱ma

Co Founder of FS
Company name classified

2nd Primary Trainer
Primary Recruiting Manager

Company leader of Stratós

FS Firest0rm
Company Leader of Titans

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